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This is the start of a list of past clubs and clubs that have closed or changed names and so forth.  Most of these clubs are still listed on other "internet strip club lists" because they want a high count of the number of clubs listed on their site, even if it's inaccurate.

  • Mickey's Razzel Dazzel - Council Blufs closed late summer 2012

  • Jolly Rogers - Rock Island closed November 2011 after 50 years

  • Box Office / Diamond Jim's closed officially closing all strip clubs in East Dubuque

  • All three clubs in Gulfport just across river from Burlington were flooded out - Scooters, Boss Hoggs, Badgirls - new club Charlie's Angles built at former location of Boss Hoggs

  • The Office on west edge of Dubuque closed with a buy out settlement from the city

  • The Gambit / Stilittos in Muscatine was flooded out and never reopened

  • Southern Comfort that changed to Northern Exposure changed back to SO-CO as people thought they had closed

  • Good Fellows in Omaha was bought out for downtown urban renewal and relocated by then closed - summer 2010

  • Sapphires in Waterloo remodeled and switched to Risque May 1st, 2010

  • River Queen in East Dubuque switched from StripClub and switched to regular bar March 2010

  • HotShots in Storm Lake closed and building is now Century 21 realty offices

  • Chorusline in Davenport got new owners for two years and then closed down

  • Big Earl's Key Club in Denison (formerly Book'em Dano) closed and reopened new owner as Book'em again

  • So-Co (formerly Southern Comfort) changed owners and is now Northern Exposure

  • Doll House - Des Moines is now Beach Girls

  • Diamond Girls in East Dubuque closed early 2009

  • The Office in Dubuque was closed by city summer 2009

  • Dolls in Coralville forced to close by city for development - never relocated

  • Grape Vine - Des Moines closed for years

  • Fox Den - Marion closed for over years

  • Club 110 - Ames no longer a strip club 

  • Roadhouse - Hiawatha closed for years 

  • Tuxedo's - East Dubuque closed for years

  • Crazy Horse - Bedford never existed 

  • Zodiac - Waterloo is now Flirt's Gentlemen's Club

  • Tuxedo's - Waterloo is now Sapphire's 

  • Southern Comfort - Mt. Joy is now called So-Co

  • Nashville Draft House - Mt. Joy moved next door to So-Co's

  • Webster's Den - Laurel closed for years 

  • Sports Box - Clinton moved changed to Club 110 closed for years

  • Cave - Des Moines closed for years

  • Glady's - Marshalltown is now Tiger's Den

  • B.J's Hitching Post - Des Moines closed for years

  • Dancers Stallion - Coralville is now Dolls

  • Strip Bar - Grinnell closed for years (only open less than a year - no one even knew it was there)

  • Lucilles - East Dubuque closed for years

  • Schnees - East Dubuque burnt down years ago

  • JR's - Des Moines closed for years

  • Mint'n'Honey - East Dubuque closed for years - burned down

  • Shaker's - Des Moines closed for years

  • Tassels - Cedar Rapids closed for years

  • Tuxedo's - Davenport (River Drive) moved to northern part of city off Brady

  • Magic Inn - Mason City is now Outer Edge

  • Bottoms Up - Cedar Rapids closed for years

  • Main Event - Ames closed for years

  • Teasers Palace - Carlisle closed

  • Full Moon Saloon - Littleton closed

  • Blondie's - Ames closed and changed to PeepLand adult bookstore

  • The Lab - Iowa Falls closed  (still listed in the publication VIP Clubs 2008) - closed since 2000

  • Headquarters - Storm Lake closed 

  • Second Street Saloon - Muscatine closed

  • Peepland - Ames changed to a first class adult bookstore

  • Yankee Clipper - Rock Island closed for years

  • Tiger's Den - Rock Island closed for years

  • Foxy Lady - Iowa City closed for years

  • Scooters - Gulfport, Il closed - building being remodeled, brand NEW Club (building) was built off back of existing and the club has reopened - former location now called Club Heat nightclub

  • The Fox - Eddyville closed for years

  • Bill's Den - Ottumwa closed for years

  • Lucky Lady - Spencer is closed

  • Outer Edge - Mason City is closed

  • Last Draw Saloon - Jefferson (changed to a sports bar)

  • Chris Go-Go - Cambridge is closed

  • Foxy Lady next to Beach Girls changed to male dancers then to Pandora's Box nude female club

  • Temptations - Davenport is closed

  • Crossroads - Shenandoah - dancers on weekends in regular bar - not doing it anymore

  • E.J.Legency in Ames had fire and changed hands summer 2005 to Dangerous Curves

  • Box Office in East Dubuque had new owners and then a fire during remodeling burning down back half of building - changed to Isabella Queen and moved to front part of building

  • Bittersweets in Omaha changed to blues bar

  • Links in Davenport sold to new owners and changed to The Amsterdam Club September 2005

  • The Club House in East Moline closed as the owner passed away early summer 2005

  • Tiger Lillys in Omaha is closed

  • American Dreams to Dream Girls and then changed to Atlantis Club in western Omaha

  • Dolls in Coralville was closed spring of 2005 to make way for the new rain forest biodome and the new Coralville convention center.  After a legal battle with the city, club was permantly gone as of Spring 2006 - relocated to completely new location still possible.

  • Peepland on Duff Avenue in Ames has closed and was part of an adult bookstore with live peep booths.  The adult bookstore has relocated and does not have live dancers.

  • Ossys in downtown Carroll moved to new location on east edge of town.  Old building has been torn down.

  • Tiger's Den in Marshaltown changed to Blues Bar 2004

  • J.P.Cabaret in Souix City closed
  • Cat Daddy's / Emerald Club opened in Urbana the first of year 2006 and closed several months later.

    If know of ones we're missing or of incorrect information please e-mail us the info:   director @ iowa strip clubs .com   

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Cat Daddys in Urbana                                                                       Dolls in Coralville
If any of this information is incorrect please e-mail me:  directorisc@hotmail.com
Screamin MeeMees in Janesville                                             the Last Straw Saloon in Jefferson

Diamond Girls in East Dubuque                                                 the Chorusline in Davenport

HotShots in Storm Lake


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